Position 1 Choke Up Hand Position

short grip, back hand, return serves, ping  pong net moves.

 Short grip, Back hand hits, Return serves, Ping  pong type net moves. 

Position 2 Neutral full position


 This position is used to play the game.  It can be shifted very fast from one wrist rotation strike to another.  The most balanced position on the handle. 

This will be your most used position

position 3 First extension


 To allow reach for long balls 

position 4 second extention


  Second extension position….to give control to return longer balls. 

position 5 third EXTENSION


  Third extension position….to give control to return even longer balls. 

position 6 Heel cup in palm


 This position can rotate the paddle.  The farthest reaching position for a good return.  Can give you more length of controllable reach. 

additional information (Paddle shown is prototype)

 Most of the game is played in the balanced position of natural number 2.  Extensions are used for drastic returns.

3-D textured graphic surface of  the 3K carbon fiber paddles will help in all slicing maneuvers, it grabs the ball better.

When you get used to sliding up and down the handle, know that THE PADDLE BLADE IS CONTINUOUSLY LINING UP THE BLADE OF THE PADDLE WITH THE WRIST CENTERING AND ELBOW CENTERING AND SHOULDER CENTERING giving the player the most control over the ball and the least amount of injury to their bodies.